Mica Eio is a producer and vocalist influenced by alternative RnB, Soulful and Deep house serving her original style faithfully for over a decade,  as her music comprises all of the above with an electronic twist.

She has worked as a session musician at Jamestown Studios and performed live on both drum n’ bass sets (New Wave DnB) and Gospel vocal groups in London, UK. Her debut EP “Magic Ball” (The Sound of Everything) features fresh sounds and soul influenced vocals.

With a new Album on the way, which features Ambient Trap, Soulful House, Alternative RnB and Νeo-Soul elements, she enters into the Neon and fluorescence Era. Being a junkie of aesthetics, she makes a transition from a sterile music education to her true sound. She has been performing in European Festivals with recent highlights: “Jazz & Blues Rallye 2018”, Milano Music Week 2018 & Athens Music Week 2019.


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